We are an Agri-tech firm focusing on IoT and AI based precision agriculture

Agriculture sector in Bangladesh and worldwide is vulnerable due to climate change, excess resource use, pollution and resource depletion. Founded in 2019 by a team of visionaries, Nodes Digital Ltd is committed to revolutionize agriculture sector globally through innovative agritech solutions.

Our Vision

To make agriculture sustainable and intelligent through data driven field level decision making.

Our Mission

To develop and market disruptive agritech solutions combining IoT, AI and research to help agriculture community to improve productivity, efficiency, quality, traceability and profitability.

Our Reach and Proven Results

Explore our extensive reach and demonstrated outcomes, illustrating our commitment to transforming agriculture through technology for measurable and impactful results.




Machine Learning Models





Our Management Team

Meet our proficient and visionary leadership, driving Nodes Digital’s mission with expertise, dedication, and a shared passion for revolutionizing sustainable agriculture through technological innovation.

Dr. Saad Hasan


Shovan Samaddar


Shafkat Reza Chowdhury


Dr. Mohammad Rashedul Hoque


Joshita Sanjana Rizvan

Chief Business Officer

Dr. M. Tanseer Ali

Advisor, IoT and Engineering

Dr. Swakkhar Shatabda

Advisor, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Shaiak Salahuddin

Head of Logistics and Field Operations

Murad Husain

Advisor, Strategic Mgt

Partners and Stakeholders

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