Feasibility study of the IoT based precision agriculture for sustainable crop production in Bangladesh (TF 86-C/21)

January 04, 2024


Feasibility study of the IoT based precision agriculture for sustainable crop production in Bangladesh


The project initiated in 2019 is funded by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) and is being implemented by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and Nodes Digital Limited.



Sensor-based precision agriculture is not widely in practice in Bangladesh and its potential is yet to be adequately investigated at crop field conditions. Crop productivity often fluctuates due to the imbalanced use of fertilizer, water and pesticide in production practices. The common agricultural process is based on traditional surface broadcasting fertilizer, surface irrigation and frequent pesticide application that uses excess fertilizer, water, pesticide and subsequently, decreases yield and overall efficiency and productivity. Considering the prevailing circumstances, the project tests the feasibility of Internet of Things (IoT) based precision agriculture for predicting fertilizer, water and pesticide use at field conditions for improving crop productivity. This innovative technique involves integration of engineering and agronomic management aspects for eggplant production at field conditions. 


Results and Impact

The experimental field was set up and reference database created from experiment and other sources for testing IoT-based precision eggplant production. The architecture of the IoT based PA system was designed, developed and tested. Machine Learning (ML) models on irrigation, fertilizer requirements and pest attack likelihood and assessment have been developed and is being tested for performance. Decision Support System (DSS) and mobile app for end users/farmers has been developed and trialed. The project used internationally available IoT equipment as well as indigenous developed IoT system developed by Nodes Digital. To our credit, cross system performance of our system has been equally reliable as IoT equipment sourced from reputed international brands. The project team believes that findings and success of the project would helpful to develop a guideline on sustainable agricultural practices to ensure food security in Bangladesh.


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